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Privacy policy

The Leiden Social Interaction Lab is bound by the Leiden University Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Our Lab's research-ethics responsibilities include the proper safeguarding of potentially sensitive data collected during an experiment. The Social Interaction Lab takes the following steps to meet its confidentiality requirements:

  • All data collected during recruitment is stored on a server that is accessible only to the research staff. These data are used only for the purpose of recruiting subjects to participate in experiments conducted by the Social Interaction Lab at Leiden University.
  • All personally-identifying data collected during an experiment (e.g., your name) is processed according to the approved ethics document of the respective study. Usually, any personal information is replaced with a code number, and the list linking code numbers to personally-identifying data is kept separate from the experimental data.
  • Only personal information that we ask you to provide during the study will be collected. No other personal information (such as IP addresses or location data in case of online experiments) will be collected during your participation.
  • All human-subjects forms containing personally-identifying information (e.g., informed consent) are stored in secure locations.

As a human-subject participant at the Social Interaction Lab, it is your right to withdraw from participating in a study. The only adverse effect that will result from withdrawal will be a reduced compensation (to reflect the time you have given to the study). In addition, up to 24 hours after the study you can still withdraw your consent for use of your personal information. You can thus withdraw your participation at any point. You are free to do so without providing any justification.

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